Transparent Spaces.

Glass Glass Solar Panel Applications in Various Architectural designs.
Find out how you can use transparent solar panels to
1. Generate Clean Green Power
2. Provide Shade on your special spaces
3. Charge your EV with Solar Carport
4. do water pumping for your home or farmland irrigation and
5. Contribute in fight against climate change. 

Don't let diesel, pollute your food and water.

Diesel pollutes. If you are using diesel pumps for your farms or gardens you are risking cancer not just for yourself but everyone who will consume the food you grow. 
Diesel is 5 times more expensive than solar solutions. with solar powered water pumping systems, you not only invest in Health, but you also increase your wealth by saving money. 


1. For Farming / Irrigation
2. For Livestock Drinking
3. For Industrial Purpose
4. For Community Water Supply
5. For Households, Hotels and Resorts
6. Water Drainage Pumping for Sports Compounds, Flooded Areas, Swimming pools.


1. From 1H.P. to 1000H.P systems
2. From 1m head to 600m head.
3. from small Gardens to Large Farms
4. Life time support contract.
5. Fully customized solutions 
6. Hybrid project with Wind Turbines and Power Storage options.

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